The SALTcast

Let's Talk About Dropshipping

September 16, 2021 Ryan Johnson, Daniel M. Peisner, CMI, Jason Parr CEO, Paul Johnson, VP
The SALTcast
Let's Talk About Dropshipping
Show Notes

Dropshipping is making easier for anybody to get into the ecommerce space. The concept of dropshipping is pretty simple. When it comes to sales tax dropshipping can be confusing and frustrating. I gathered the whole team to help understand dropshipping and what your sales tax responsibilities could be.

Additional Questions Answered:

What is dropshipping?

How does dropshipping work?

What are my sales tax responsibilities when I dropship?

Where do I collect sales tax from?

Do I need a resale certificate?

How do I get a resale certificate?

If you use a dropshipping method and are unaware of your sales tax responsibilities let's schedule  a What's Next call here: